Tuesday, March 28, 2006

More Mermaids!

These were a couple sketches I did as different concepts for the "Mermaid" image I did a bit ago for Drawergeeks. I just got back from a trip to NY over the weekend and I got the chance to "finalize" these sketches a bit. I ended up going a little "simpler" on the one I picked (seen in an earlier posting) with just one mermaid and a little less--uh--sultry. Also, the other one had more of a story to tell. These are just poses, which isn't as interesting to me. They were still fun to do and I thought I'd show some of the "warm ups" that went into the final one I chose. "Scribbles. Just scribbles" as a friend at Disney would always say.


Heath said...

Really nice sketches Tom. I think you're ready to tour the country with your mermaid gallery. When are we going to see some illustrator work??

Tom Bancroft said...

Illustrator still scary. Tom like. Tom still scared. Tom have no time to learn. Need Heath to do for Tom. Good Heath.

Randy said...

I have to agree that doing an entire illo in Illustrator is really daunting to me, even though I'm getting used to the pen tool now.

Great stuff, as always, though, Sir!

Keep up the inspirational work!

~Randy H

Miah Alcorn said...

If these were your warm ups then I'm going to stop drawing right now....Great stuff as always Tom... you and all your Mermaid goodnes. When you go on tour maybe Heath and I can catch a show.....what doya say Heath?

angeline said...

lovely style! ^^