Monday, March 13, 2006

Some Girl designs

This is an older design where we were trying to come up with a group of characters with different nationalities. This was supposed to be a Hispanic teen girl. When I do initial designs I tend to do a side view fairly early on. Part of that was something I started doing to just challenge myself since side views can be tough to make look good, but then it just became part of my process. If I can push a side view into something I like, it make me push the three quarter and front views also. I will go back into front views sometimes to match what I did on a side view. Is that backwards or what?


Heath said...


Interesting side view process. I bet that does help our brains remember proportions of the characters when drawing in other views. Nice bit of info! Also, i love the rendering of the mermaid in the last post, it's probably my favorite.....infact I'm thinking about buying rights to get her tattooed on my arm. What do you think? Right arm or left?

Tom Bancroft said...

Did you say arm or thigh? I can't pick, my glasses are all steamed up.

Cedric said...

These are terrific. I love the pose in the upper right.