Friday, March 03, 2006

Tony Rabbit

Okay, I never do this, but this is a copy of an actual email my brother recieved. The weirdest one I've ever seen! The details you need to know: Tony is my brother and is also an artist. He had drawn a picture of Lenny the rabbit (from his video series called "Lenny and Sid") for my mom to give to a friend. My mom's name is Cori and she likes to skate at a skating rink in California. This is a thank you letter from this man that Tony fowarded to me.


Dear Tony Rabbit,

I hope you won't be offended by my addressing you as a rabbit, Tony. It is a habit I got into many years ago when I began calling the high school students I taught rabbits. They became John Rabbit, Barbara Bunny, Kim Rabbit. I also began calling all my friends rabbits as well. How sad, huh? Anyway, I loved your sketch of Lenny Rabbit on skates! He is so cute.and so beautifully drawn. I will treasure it! Thank you so much, Tony Rabbit.

As fate would have it, I ran into your mom, Cori Rabbit, several years ago at the ice rink. Not literally, of course. Your mom is one terrific lady rabbit, as you well know and she has a terrific sense of humor. She is so proud of you and your brother, Tom Rabbit, as she should be. Besides your mom's inner rabbitness, I noticed that she had this beautiful hair, almost the same color as mine; but hers is prettier.

Thanks again!

Woof, woof, woof...

Earl Rabbit


Can you believe that this guy was a TEACHER??? Rob did a funny drawing after I told the story. I'll post it soon. Sad.


and moore said...

Tom- that really is crazy. but, I guess I could see Hemphill getting a little wacky like this. after all she had to put up with kids like me.

Kyle Jones said...


Randeep Katari said...

i can't decide whether that's funny or a little bit creepy...but funny still.


Matt Williames said...

Matty Rabbit