Thursday, March 02, 2006

Teen Titans!

These are two of a bunch of illos we produced for a Teen Titans book for Scholastic a year or more ago. Rob C. has a couple more he did from the same book on his blog (hit the link to the left) so check those out too. It's always fun and aggravating trying out a new style, but this one was mostly fun. I love cartoony comic book styles and this one is strong. Cyborg was not so fun, but the other guys were. This was one of our first tastes of drawing in a mangaish style also so that was a bit of a learning curve too. The book was/is called Robin's Case Files if it's still around and you want to find it. A good friend, Paul Conrad, colored all of these and he did an incredible job! Oh, and he digitally inked them too. All in Illustrator, which I think is what the client wanted. Tough stuff but he pulled it off like a pro! Thanks Paulie.


James Elston said...

Hi Tom,
How are you?
I love the Teen Titans. Nice Illo.

Cedric said...

Terrific work! What a fun project. The fact that it was inked in Illustrator is very impressive.