Friday, February 10, 2006

More Mam. City oldies

Just because there was such a HUGE response to the first posting of Mammoth City Messengers art, I thought I'd post another picture! Because you didn't demand it- the kids in the cafeteria hangin'! This was one of the 5 or 6 images we did of the kids in different "photoshoot" illos for marketing. Most ALL of these didn't get used at all. This is the pencils that ended up getting inked by the great Howard Shum. I can't find the final color for it right now. We had a Disney alum friend helping design the environments (like this cafeteria) by the name of Craig Grasso. Old school.

By the way, tell me if this has ever happened to you artists: Yesterday, a graphic designer who is in a office near us, came into our office for the first time. He looked around and saw all the art on the walls, the huge Disney art desks we have, and Rob sitting behind his drawing a picture. He was amazed! He said he didn't know that people still hand drew characters and stuff anymore. He couldn't believe we weren't just creating everything in Illustrator on the computer. And this is a Graphic designer! What are they teaching at art schools that people-even graphic designers- aren't learning about drawing anymore?!? I couldn't believe it.


sushipajamas said...

well i can assure you that that is certainly not the case at SCAD. Unless your major is like art history, your entire first year, and half of the second year is devoted to drawing classes; that includes graphic design majors. its loads of fun too since the only classes here are art related: no science and stuff like that. like art history, or animation history, or sequatial art history, or whatever your major is theres a history class for it.

or with english, theirs creative writing, writitng screen plays, narations, and comic scripting and things like that.

i'm a computer animation/sequential art major. I love this school. too bad i only got one more year after this one. I'm gonna miss being here.

I hope that answers your question, for this school anyways.

Matt Williames said...

Tom Bomb- I had a guy just recently assure me that Curious George was completely CG because "no one in their right mind would draw all those individual frames."
Now, having worked on the film I had to force the "comeback kid" driving the brain bus to pull over and just laugh about it.
Hope your well my man!

sushipajamas said...

Oh my gosh, wow, you worked on it? Sweeeet! I havent had the opportunity to see it cause this week is midterms week, but I cant wait to. Wow, so which part did you work on?


Howard Shum said...

Why is there no love for Mammoth City?! :)

Jason C said...

Great Drawing Tom.. And I can assure you that even as a flash animator.. I start everythign with pencil on paper thumbnails.. But It's suprising how many peopel don't.. and how many more jsut assume the computer does everything..

keep posting the great art!!

and moore said...

Tom, I work as an Art Director, and I can tell you that most of the designers that I have seen could NEVER pick up a pencil and comp up work. It is really considered "old school". Clients have gotten spoiled. So the demand for "tissues" is non-existant. At one time hand drawn comps were the norm. Now, if the comp does not look like the finished product, the client gets confused. It is really more a sign of the times. rather than what might be learned in school or not.


Cedric said...

Great drawing Tom! I bought the Mammoth City CD, too bad the project got stalled. You guys did some nice stuff!

Kirk said...

Great Drawing! I picked up your book. Just starting reading it, looks pretty good so far.

As far as old school drawing, it is a sad fact that it is old school. As an Art Director, I am constantly dealing with designers with an over reliance on computers. Interns come and go and can not think on paper. First thing they want is to be put in front of a computer.

I think there is an over reliance on teaching computers even as early as elementary school. From my experience, the computer makes people turn off the old brain. They spend too much time pursuing a bad design on the computer because the computer makes it sort of look more finished. I am constantly telling my designers to sketch thumbnails (if my professors from college heard me now). The can spend 20 minuets doing bad designs and I come along and show them that I can do 15 thumbnails in 5 minuets and develop a better concept and variety of designs, while there 20 minuets basically yielded 3 or 4 designs six different ways.

I could go on forever about this topic.

sushipajamas said...

If thats how it is today, then I'd hate to have to give up drawing...which I never will.
I cant think of a day when I didnt draw. I do it all the time, if you tried to stick me in front of a computer and design something without drawing out several ideas first, I dont think my brain would function properly. Heh, I'm even drawing while I'm typing this.
If an idea comes I have to draw it out, and then i'll want to know how it looks if I change it this way and that.
And if I dont know how it should look, I built a maquette and a little set to help me understand it better. I've noticed I'm really good at doing that, but I still wanna be an animator.

Is that doing too much work? Cause I like doing it that way.


Alina Chau said...

V cooool drawing!! Love the set up and the characters!

RobSchwager said...

ahhhh... Mammoth City.