Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Mammoth City Messengers

This is kinda an oldy, but alot of the work we are busy with now we can't post because of non-disclosure agreements. AND we don't have any free time. SO, time to dig through past stuff to post! This was one of many images Rob and I created for a Christian record company (the now defunct Forefront Records) for the "virtual group" Mammoth City Messengers. The idea was that the music producers had was to create fun, slightly techno music that had some relevant moral themes for preteen kids. They decided that they would (ala "Gorillaz") not have a "band" but have these cartoonish characters as the leads. They don't sing like in "Gorillaz" but the songs are kinda there thoughts and feelings. There was a story line throughout the album that tied into a comic book too. We illustrated the comics too. There were supposed to be three albums (and three comics that came out with them.) but they only produced the one album because of poor sells. Really, because of poor marketing that LEAD to poor sells. It was a good idea with good music behind it. We designed the characters, created "photoshoot" images like the one above, and illustrated one "half comic" that was something like 11 pages long and then a full issue #1 comic (22 pages!) that was NEVER RELEASED! Sigh. The most nostalgic part of this job is that it was the first job Rob and I got as Funnypages Productions. This started it all!


Howard Shum said...

Ah! Memories! :)

Archangel said...

I know this is old, but we were listening to it again today. We really enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

I Bought the album when I was a teen and absolutely LOVED it. I recently shared it with a freind while traveling and remembered again how much I adored it and wanted to story to continue.

Is there any future plans for this series? Or is it done? :(