Monday, December 26, 2005

Workin' Vacation

Merry Christmas to all! I am blogging from my inlaws house in South Carolina. I don't have a great connection and no scanner so not much of an update today. My mother-in-law DID get a new digital camera so I can at least show you my work set up while on vacation here. NOt very glamorous but it works. It's a working vacation which means that I am trying to only work half days and spend the rest with the family. I did take off the first few days for Christmas and some much needed rest. It's been really great and I am enjoying being with the family. Hope you all are too!


Rob Corley said...

Ha ha!! Look who's working!!! Man stick with posting the artwork it's a heck of a lot prettier to look at! Merry Christmas!

Tom Bancroft said...

You know you miss seeing this mug. I bet you print it out to look at while you AREN'T working! Let's see a picture of you eatin' pickled pigs feet on your blog, huh? Merry Christmas!

Rob Corley said...

I'll post a picture of me eatin' when I can get yo mama out of the way! Ha!

The Monkeyking said...

Hey Tom,
just want to say I really enjoy your work. It's always fun and makes me smile.

Hope your having a happy holiday!

OV! said...

just read you rinterview on the character design blog. nice read, and ill keep an eye out for the design book. a nice treat after the new year.


jeff atwood said...

I really like the way you drew this character...clearly "over the top" in terms of reality but with the oversized head, googly eyes, and toothy grin, it is apparent that this wait...that's a photo of you...I'm first I thought it was one of those wacky sketch drawing things that you guys do...Hope you and ladies had a great Christmas.