Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Lord of the Beans!

Go out and buy this new DVD from Big Idea Productions called "Lord of the Beans". It's got some really funny spoofs of the live action film with the similar name and if you have kids, it's got a great message for them. The above is some unused art we created for a project with Big Idea. The first are my design/inks and the second is the final color by the talented Jon Conkling. I think this is one of his best pieces working with us! You go Jon!

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sushipajamas said...

oh i have lord of the beans! 2 copies (first the screener, and then the full dvd), but phil told me that the dvd isnt even his original script (nooooo!). so i'm trying to see if mike will let me see what the original story was, but all this school work is keeping me from email them. I guess now i know how it feels when they say, "were busy".

oh yeah, i'm lydia (animation/ sequential student @scad). love your work.