Thursday, December 08, 2005

Character design process

These three images where for a little job I did for fun. ("Job" and "fun" together? This really mean that I didn't get paid for these, it's spec. work.) Rob and I were getting to know (and possibly work with) a local Christian "girl group" that will remain unnamed. They are made up of three ladies. I did this mostly for fun and I thought it would be cool for the younger members of their audience to have some stickers or T-shirts with manga versions of the group on them. Anyway, these three drawings show a little bit of the process I did. I actually created a couple more sketches but they are not here. I include all 5 sketches in my character design book that I mentioned in my last post, so buy that and you get the WHOLE process. I didn't do a bunch of exploring on this as I was pretty happy with the middle version of them and jumped right to a final pose with that design (the color one). Enjoy!


Heath said...

Hey Tom! Glad you see you've got a blog. Nice composition on the girl pic!

Just wanted to say I really enjoyed Larry Boy cartoons. It was one of the things that inspired me to learn flash. Oh yeah you're in Franklin now. awesome! I got a couple of friends there. I'm a couple hours down 65 in Alabama. Holler if your ever down this way. Take Care!

JP Roberts said...

Great designs Tom! They look awesome!