Friday, November 25, 2005

"SOAR" poster ala Struzen

This was a cool job that Rob and I worked on a bit ago. Two of our old Florida animation pals live out in LA now and are bigwig directors. They occasionally direct commercials too. When they do, they are good about calling up old friends to animate and such. In this case, they had been hired by AMC theatres to do one of those mock film trailers where at the end, they break out of their acting and tell you to turn off your cel phone. They are usually live action mock films, but this was the first one where they were creating a mock animated film. Our pals came up with a whole mock film, SOAR, about a coming of age eagle that is living under her dominating father's wing. She longs to be "on her own" so she can soar, or something like that. It's real strong Disney story 101. We watched the trailer and knew it was a mock film, but still got sucked into it! Anyway, we were hired to create the one-sheet poster for this mock film. They supplied us with model sheets of the poster and we gave them about 6-8 different designs. The one above is the final with pretty tight lines for the painter. The bonus for this job was that they had the GREAT Drew Struzen paint it! It was intimidating but exciting. We have yet to see the final painting. Maybe some of you have, I hear it's out. The trailer can be seen on the web also.


Tim said...

But where can we see the final poster, too?

Kevin Barber said...

I fell for this spot as well. Glad to hear that some fellow alumni got work out of it. ( Thanks for the link.)