Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Kronk's New Groove

Does anyone get the feeling that I don't sketch for pleasure? It feels that way sometimes. This is yet another drawing for a job. This was one of twelve illustrations we did for the end credit roll for the new Disney release "Kronk's New Groove", which I think is out now. It was a fun project to design these photos that are supposed to illustrate what happens to Kronk on his honeymoon. Still haven't seen the final color, but I hear it looks good. Rob and I split these down the middle and I did about six or so and this was one of them. We had to clean them up also, which was hard remembering how to do that. The irony to this job is that my twin brother Tony was the supervising animator for the character of "Kronk" on the first film. Because our drawing styles are similar, I thought drawing Kronk would be easy and fun. Turns out, Rob had to go over most all of my Kronks to make them more on model. Don't tell Tony, he doesn't read this blog anyway.


Miah Alcorn said...

Wow, this is great Tom! I just finished looking at the drawing that Rob has up and, like his, this is absolutely fantastic! Of course, it's tough to go wrong with such great subject matter. You guys really have something special out there in Nashville. If it's the water, send some my way. Keep those great posts comin'.

Kevin Barber said...

RUDY ALERT !! ( I know the secret. Nice touch. I'm sure they got a kick out of it. I worked on a scene or two of the R.D.O. project.)

Tom Bancroft said...

Thanks Miah, that's nice. You and Kevin are the best posters a blogger could hope for. Yeah, Kevin, the Rudy (he's the pig in the rt. corner and it's an injoke with the directors of that project for those of you that don't know) in there but it was their idea, not ours. They put him in everything they do.