Friday, November 18, 2005

Opposite Forces!

Okay, my brother has already given me a hard time about my first blog post being a sells pitch for "Andi's Journal"....BUT...(here it comes) Opposite Forces, my comic book I wrote and illustrated is being published by Alias Enterprises in COLOR right now! The cover above is from issue #3 that is out right now. (Good luck finding it.) I kinda like this cover because it sums up the issue by reading the characters facial expressions. For these new Alias rereleases of OF I am creating all new cover art and of course the interiors are being colored (very nicely I might add, by the talented Josh Ray) and this issue and issue #4 have interior inks by the talented Cedric Holmstadt (sp?, I'll get his link up soon). This cover is actually one I produced for the original black and white series, for issue #4 I believe. Turns out, I asked Frank Cho to do a pinup for that issue that turned out soooo good, I bumped this cover and used his! This cover actually works better as issue #3's cover anyway as this is the issue that Bopper starts to lead this intrepid twosome! All for now!


Kevin Barber said...

Chicago Comics on Clark in Chicago had a few copies of # 3. I got's mine.

Miah Alcorn said...

Super appealing. Great colors, nice expressions, this has a little somethin' for everybody. Nice stuff Tom!