Friday, November 18, 2005

Evolution of a sketch

Above are drawings for a job we are doing for a (well, we can't say for what)- let's just say that the final illo is to show a kid making good decisions and bad decisions (and the results show on each side of the mirror). I had drawn this up once already and the client thought the character was too old so I had to redo it making him younger. Losing money by the second (joking....kinda) , I did a quick sketch of what the kid might look like about 8-11 years old. That was the range the client wanted. The first image where he slightly more realistic is that version. Next, and soley just for fun, I did the next, more stylized version of him. Simply because I liked the hair swish and wanted to push it. This wouldn't work for the client so the final rough sketch where he is at the mirror is more of the version one kid. Hey, the client makes the rules- and them's the rules.

PS. Rob and I are on a biz trip on Monday and Tues. so no blogs until later.


Patrick Morgan said...

Hey man. I love your work. Glad I found your Blog

Anonymous said...

Yeah, same here - first time visit! Thanks for sharing your "evolution" sketches. Always fun to see.