Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fantasy Lab illo

Rob and I got back in from Virginia Beach late last night and I'm back to throw up a blog already! The trip went well, if everything works out, we'll post about what the secret project is soon. Kinda cool. Anyway, the above was some art we created for a new video game company in California called Fantasy Lab. You can see this image on their home page as a preview of what's to come in "feel" anyway. These are not characters or even an idea that relates to any porticular future game. They look to be a new company that wants to create fun games for the whole family! I'm there. This was designed by Rob and I, but painted by one of our supertalented former Disney BG painter friends. Can't say who 'cause of their day job, but nice job Frank! (Just kiding, it's not a Frank.)


Tim said...

Wow! Beauty art, guys!!! Great personalities on the characters.
Was this painted traditionally, or digitally?

SteveLambe said...


Tom Bancroft said...

Thanks Tim and Steve. Tim, this was painted digitally, but by someone who (you may know) and whom knows how to paint traditionally. Makes a difference. --Tom B.