Friday, November 18, 2005

Kid's Bible job

Whew, I start a blog and then I get sick. Sorry, I missed a day already, not such a good start. Well, here's a quick update to throw up. The above illos are three of over 200 that Rob and I are creating for a Children's bible for NavPress in Colorado. It's based on the "Message" which is a kinda 'casual' telling of the bible, but still relevant and accurate. We are producing these in a more "Nic" flat style, kinda like "Fairly Odd Parents" or something. It's been fun, but hard a times since it's not our natural style. We don't take things as far as we could, I think, but it's still fun and I think the bible will truly be unique. We are producing all the illos through Funnypages Prod. but we hired our longtime colorist, Jon Conkling, to color the illos. Nice job Jon!


Cedric said...

Great to see how these are finally turning out. Nice job, my favorite is the Pharoah. He has a great head shape!

Tim said...

Hey Tom,

Nice work! My hat is off to you ...or your publisher... whoever's idea it was to make the characters in the Bible less white than we are used to seeing. Thanx for giving them pigments more in line with their Middle Eastern ethnicity.

Dave Pryor said...

Looks like you are borrowing a bit from your stylization from the Larry Adventures cartoons you did for Big Idea!

I always fight the dimensional drawing rules when trying to do more flat shapes. After working on Warner's TV shows - it's become ingrained into everything I do.

I like the posts so far - have a great day.


Ward Jenkins said...

Great stuff, Tom! I love the characters and the linework. It is nice to see some ethnicity in the characters. The colors are very cool, too. Excellent work, and hope to see more from you!