Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mamaw and Bigfoot pages 2

Well, this may be all from Mamaw and Bigfoot for a bit. My wife and kids were out of town for a week recently and that is how I was able to get these pages done. They are back now and that means my "free time" goes back to them and sleeping. I will get this story done, but it's gonna slow down a bit that's all. Anyway, this is the roughs and final inks for pages 2 of the story I'm working on for the future PARABLE anthology. I saw Mike Kunkel (Herobear) recently and he said he had been asked to work on this project also. I didn't hear alot of "I'm gonna do it!" in his voice so go to his blog now and bug him to do it, okay? I know I'd like to see what he comes up with! Come on Mike, just two pages or so! Back to Mamaw, someone in the last post asked if I inked these pages or did them in Illustrator. The answer is inked. I used a PITT brush pen for most all of it. I love brush inking, I just wish I was better at it. Guys like Steven Silver and Bruce Timm are just incredible with these great disposable brush pens! They make them look like they were using Windsor Newtons. One day, one day....


mike said...

these are wonderful, tom. i love how the kid doesn't even look up till that second panel. again, please sign up on the forum and get these posted in the vineyard. the others will love to see 'em. :)

also, good to know mike received my emails! i second the bugging him on his blog. his creative talent would be a very welcome addition.

Anonymous said...
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Rob Corley said...
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Tim said...

These are looking great, Tom. But you're not gonna post your whole comic here, are you? You gotta save something for the published version, you know.

P.S. I love those PITT brush pens, too!

Howard Shum said...

Good looking pages, Tom!

I wish I was inking this. :)

Paridhi said...

Good work, Tom!

this is really a cool blog and the illustrations are really amazing. espcially i love all ur characters.

cidin said...

i am a brazilian
i am ilustrator
i'm not speak english good
very bealtifull your work
congratulations for your work
god bless you