Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mamaw and Bigfoot page1

Here's a semi-progression of one of the pages from the Mamaw and Bigfoot story I'm picking at. This is the rough and the final inks for page 1. More to come!


Anonymous said...

Super drawings Tom!
He's a really appealing character.
Maybe he's based on you? :)
Unless he's Rob! ;)
Can you show us any color pages?
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work dude!
A great job all the way around.
Truth be told, there
Should be more bigfoot parrables.
I feel the boy should be a girl.
Tell Rob we miss his blog.

mike said...

these are GREAT, tom! i can't wait to see what yolk does with them.

you should post these on the forum. sign up when you get a chance and i'll give you access to the vineyard where some of the other contributors are posting some work.

your bigfoot is too cool!

CR said...

You have so much talent. Thanks for letting me see what I can aspire to one day.

Dustin said...

Tom, how do you ink your stuff? Do you use illustrator? Or is it (gasp) ACTUAL INK?

Druie said...

nice comic book page you got here! =D

i just realized your the author of the character design book i bought recently!

Robin Hall said...

These are really great, I'm especially in love with the roughs and the character designs of bigfoot in the post below. Great art, I'll be back again!

Anonymous said...

The boy looks like a young you. Is it?

Anonymous said...

Boy, these are great drawings!
Looks like it will be a great book!
Only wish it was coming out sooner.
When will the second one come out?

My best wishes to you and Rob!
Everyone's rooting for you!

Anonymous said...

good stuff boys!
are these going to be available to
your friends at a discout? I
like the little boy. He looks
okward and a little spazzy. Where's
robs blog gone.
did he go back to goat wrastlin'? sorry, inside joke. see ya.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Cheese and crackers that's great work Tom!
Outstanding stuff, really inspiring!
Can we see more Tom?
Kinda makes me want to give up drawing!

Anonymous said...

Nice work indeed!

Beautiful execution.
And the line work is very much
Like European comic artist
Luccio Cockenbahls early
Strip work. Thank You.

Dylanio21 said...

Are you coming to any Toronto Cons in the near future?