Saturday, April 08, 2006

Lil' Red

These were some sketches for a commision piece I did awhile back. They are of Tex Avery's "Little Red Riding Hood", or whatever she is officially called. She was fun to take a stab at. I did the final in color but I'm not sure I have a scan of it anywhere. Oh well....


Dave Pryor said...

Hey Tom -

Saw your book at Borders over the weeked. Looked like a TON of work - did it take a lot of time to produce?

Anyway, thought it was great instruction - much better than most of the animation drawing books out there.

Tom Bancroft said...

Thanks Dave, yeah, I was a lot of work. I did it mostly at night which was most tough of all. I didn't read any mention of BUYING the book though, what's up wit dat?

boob said...

When is the Tex Avery collection coming out? WHEN? This Red looks spot on Tom.

I may or maynot have been with Dave when we saw your book. That all depends on how bad you'll beat me for not buying it... ;)

Great stuff though and awesome you got so many artists to contribute.

I'll be in San Diego this year where my money will surely flow like it's not even mine. If yer around I'll definitely pick one up in person.


UrbanBarbarian said...

HELLO!!!!! [ insert loud whistle sounds! ]

lafe said...

Very nice sketch... i remember this red... the wolf had the hots for her... you captured her well... hopefully you can find the colored scan

James Elston said...

I think her name is "Red Hot Riding Hood"
I love Tex Avery.

your drawings are full of life.

I got your book. Very nice.
I refer to it often.

Brian Growe said...

(wolf whistle) Baby!