Monday, April 24, 2006

Bottom feeding

Hey all. Hope you all had a good weekend. Rob and I have been super busy (are you getting tired of hearing this?) so I had to work most of the weekend. Lots of drawing getting done, just nothing that is "blogable". Anyway, this is another old sketch page from when I had time to draw for fun and/or could draw things that didn't have NDA's attached to them. Ah, those were the days. I do have another sketchbook from a few years ago, I may pull out some of that stuf too.....hmmmm... I may never draw again. Actually, I have a new sketch page that I add a sketch to every so often. When it gets "ripe" I 'm gonna post it just to show that I still draw for fun sometimes! BTW, the eagle character was a character design for a client that had a phone company (though I don't know if it's still around) and the girls were just for "fun".


Josh said...

That eagle is pa-retty cool! Looking forward to that "ripened" sketch page!

Heath said...

Nicely drawn perspective with the girl looking up.

Girls and a big eagle guy....what a great sketch page!

Rob Corley said...

I'm a pretty bird, such a pretty bird! I have birdy muscles on my birdy muscles!