Tuesday, January 10, 2006


About a week ago I was helping my wife with some planting and mulching in the front yard and I had a accident that only seems to happen to me. I was putting mulch around one of the trees and stood up fast banging my head across one of the limbs. It actually scrapped part of my scalp on the top of my head. It hurt bad, but looked even worse. It's just now going away, but I had this 3-4 inch red scrape across my semi-bald head for a week! My dear friend and partner, Rob, after hearing of the horror drew his version of the carnage. Enjoy.


Miah Alcorn said...

Man I hope your heads feeling better. OUCH! Ahh the joys off parenting and gardening! Reminds me of the time it split my water line putting in a fence. Darn water line. Ohh, and nice drawing Rob!

St John Street said...

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ridd1 said...

ugh ive done that too, only on the head of a nail. blood everywhere!

Tim said...

A likely story, Tom. I heard that scar was really from your lobotomy. Right Rob?

- T

P.S. I hope you're feeling better.