Monday, January 02, 2006

Character design blog!

Hey all. There is an interview with me (and some artwork as well) on the "Character Design" blog. I have a link over to the right, just click it. You may have to scroll down a bit. Hope you all like it!


sushipajamas said...

so was is it true about you working on stuff for big idea's next movie? cause i'm asking mike about that movie in the making all the time now, and he wont tell me anything. like not even a little hint...*sigh* and phil aint saying anything to me either, at least about the movie.

i mean, all i hear is "soon", "soon" i think i'd like to know what their definition of 'soon' really is, lol.


michael foster said...

hello, I enjoyed reading your interview at the Character Design blog.

Really love the Veggie Tales work too. My kids go nuts for their animations.

anyway, I look forward to seeing more art.