Friday, March 14, 2014

TOM BANCROFT web chat!

I did a last minute webchat with some fans and Patreon patrons yesterday and they asked some interesting questions that I get asked HERE quite often.  You might want to watch it.  Be warned: I never used Spreecast before so I couldn't get the mic to work at first SO FASTFORWARD to 5:15 and then it gets going.  

Some of the questions I was asked/ answered:

- What kind of pencils/ ink pens do I use for my comic strip?
- Do I work digitally or traditionally?
- What are some of my art goals (if I get more Patreon funding)?
- What is Patreon?
- Is there a good art instruction school that is low cost that I would recommend? 
- Should I go to art school?  Does a degree in art help me get a job? 
- How do I balance working hard to "make it" with family/ other obligations?
- and more!  

It's super casual and I'm a little "stumbly" with the Spreecast site, but I hope you get something out of my answers.  We'll do it again too, it was fun!  
Here's the link:

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