Wednesday, August 15, 2012

NEXT Live WORKSHOP is AUG. 23rd, 8PM Central!

I just wanted to post a quick blog note to let you guys know that my THIRD LIVE character/drawing workshop is AUG. 23rd, 8PM Central! If you subscribe to the website emails, you won't ever miss out on any news regarding the workshops. Go now! I will be emailing out the assignment shortly. Also, I looked up how my two art instruction books (Creating Characters with Personality and Character Mentor) were doing in the AMAZON.COM ranking for the 100 top books in CARTOONING and below is their ranks! They seem to be staying within the top 10 or 20 depending on the day and that makes me proud. What I love about this image is that they just happen to be sandwiched between two of my ALL TIME favorite books too! If you don't have those, get them! (and mine too, if you don't have them also....)