Sunday, December 30, 2012

Announcing: OUTNUMBERED, the comic strip!

I've been developing a comic strip for awhile now and I have decided that this is the (new) year to launch it!  It's called "OUTNUMBERED" and it is a semi-autobiographical strip about a man living in a woman's world.  I have the first two strips up now (hit the "first" button to see the first one and hit the "about Outnumbered" button to read the character bios.  The plan is to post a new one every week, on Monday mornings.  If you like it, tell people about it, I would appreciate it.  Leave a comment and bookmark it too!


Aakash Kalaria said...

I have always wondered how women dominated world would be like. Eagerly waiting for your comic... :D

Jose Rivolta said...

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